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SSS (Simcoe Street Session)

SSS (Simcoe Street Session)

SSS is a low-commitment, session based open style club that is based in Durham College, Oshawa campus. Our goal is to explore dance genres and create a space where those who feel as if they cannot express their dance can do so here.

This place is meant to create a community meant to lift each other up and explore what it is they appreciate and enjoy about dance. As time progresses, choreographers will be pulled and brought in to learn from, beginning with the basics, to develop new ways of movement in someone that previously not thought of before.

We prioritize your health, studies, and ask in return you be accountable to yourself. There’s nothing more a disservice to yourself to allow yourself extracurricular activities when your own studies are suffering in turn.

In terms of finances, most things will aim to be free. If fundraising is necessary, that will be planned for the future to allow everyone the opportunity to learn.

As this is a relatively new club: many things are subject to discussion and change. Nothing is set in stone until proven necessary for the club’s development.

Thank you for reading, and hope to see you soon!
– Mateo Valles

Network Leader

Mateo Valles,

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