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The Multimedia Club

Hi, Welcome to the Multimedia club. This is a club that is for like-minded creatives that want to explore, create, connect, discuss, and collaborate with others. Come and join us as we push boundaries, explore opportunities and make a change creatively in everything that is around us.

Activities Include:

  • A once-a-month artist exploration through a contest given out to challenge others to look at how they can explore different parts of Media Art and design with a prize of some sort
  • Weekly or Semi-Weekly meetings online through Discord or in the school building to discuss topics within Media, Art, and Design, a time to connect or network with others
  • Sessions on Networking, Building skills, and different things that are changing in the workforce, by either student Alumni, teachers, or other people in the community
  • Online Challenges that will be expressed on the Website/ Discord Group
  • Sharing of events related to Media, Art and Design within the discord group chat or on the Webpage
  • A blog that will be on the webpage for the club.