Forms & Resources

Find all of the forms and resources you need for you network. Please see the forms overview below and complete as necessary.

Event Request

Access our network budget and organize any events, online or on-campus.

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Student Network Poster Submission

Submission your posters for your clubs here!

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Injury report Form

Following a high or medium risk event, reporting any injuries or risk to participants that may have occurred

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Petition to Start a Network

The official document needed to make a request to form a Club, Society, or Indigenous Student Circle

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Network Renewal

Existing networks must complete a network renewal form to be eligible to access the network platform, software, and budget at the beginning of each school year.

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Network Update

Make any changes to your network including updating contact information, social media, membership, and other details.

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The Student Network Guidebook

A Comprehensive guide to understanding Durham College Student Association’s Student Network Platform: Clubs, Society & Indigenous Student Circles

Student Network Guidebook

The Clubs Policy

The Clubs Policy outlines the guiding rules and regulations regarding club leadership. All student network leaders should take the time to review the Clubs Policy

Clubs Policy

Co-Curricular Student Engagement Fund

The Co-Curricular Student Engagement Grant Fund, established by the Durham College Student Association, is designed to support events related to, but not directly part of, academic courses at Durham College. Suitable events for funding include conferences, symposiums, lectures, markets, competitions, and similar activities.

the Co-Curricular Student Engagement Grant Fund