Financial Information


Support Services

Access to DCSA Support Hub Services including private and group counselling, law services, sexual health information, free condom distribution, workshops and food bank access for food insecure students.


DCSA Student Life Fee

Access to other Student Life Programming. DCSA adapts its programming to the various campuses to ensure that it is both meaningful and appropriate. A portion of this funding also includes orientation social programming.


Health Plan*

All students are enrolled automatically inStudent VIP Benefits.


Dental Plan*

All students are enrolled automatically inStudent VIP Benefits.

*Students may opt-out of coverage by the designated deadline only if proof of comparable coverage is provided. You can opt-out at

Student Centre Capital



Up-keep to Student Centre and other tangible properties accessible to students and owned by DCSA, featuring the main office, the Outreach Office, Event Space, Event Storage Space, DCSA staff offices, etc.


Campus Radio Station

Access to content created by students at Riot Radio, access to volunteer opportunities in radio technology operations and on-air talent experience, technology upkeep.

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