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DC Social Circle

DC Social Circle

Welcome to DC Social Circle – a dynamic and welcoming community tailored for current Durham College students who have previously completed degrees/diplomas, possess valuable work experience, and fall within the 25-40 age range. We pride ourselves on creating a laid-back environment where individuals with similar life journeys can come together to unwind, make lasting connections, and explore the vibrant social scene in and around Durham College. From discovering new hangout spots to engaging in game nights, themed events, and casual meet-ups, DC Social Circle is your go-to destination for forging friendships and building a supportive network. While we occasionally delve into networking and professional development, our primary focus is on fostering a sense of community and ensuring that your college experience is enriched with memorable moments. Join us, relax, and connect with the incredible individuals that make up DC Social Circle!

Network Leader

Remi Adegboye,

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