Acclaimed Candidates

Executive Chair and Chief Elected Office

Megan Bent (acclaimed)

Director from the Faculties of Skilled Trades, and Apprenticeship; Hospitality and Horticulture Science; and Liberal Studies (Classes D, F and H)

Sam Rostam Khesal (Acclaimed)


Director from the Faculity of Health Sciecnes (Class B)

Christoper Martin Bond

Director from the Faculty of Science, Engineering, and Information Technology

Voting March 28-30, 2023

Natalia Kondratieva

Hi, I’m the current Director of SEIT at the DCSA. I’m seeking your support for re-election as Director during what would be my third and final year of Electromechanical Engineering Technology. Prior to Durham College, I completed a Bachelor’s in History and a Paralegal Graduate Certificate. I’m no stranger to administrative bureaucracy or voicing my arguments in writing. Subsequently pursuing a career in legal and compliance only further helped reinforce these skills.Anyway, I love being a student. I love being a student because I love learning. Seriously, I love learning so much that I’m also taking horseback riding lessons, hit a 100 day streak on Duolingo, and finished an online university certificate through Coursera just this month. I firmly believe that education is critical in building healthy and resilient societies, and what better way to support this cause than by modelling it myself? By the same token, I have also learned an incredible amount about the DCSA during my role in the past year. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve explained or clarified the DCSA’s services to my peers. In cases where I didn’t have an answer, I sought clarification and individually reported back. I am extremely excited to see where the DCSA is heading in the upcoming year.

Adetola Morakinyo

It is okay to not be okay! In striving to attain greatness, you are compelled to stretch yourself, and it is okay to feel, make mistakes and be wrong. I have learned over the years that one should pay more attention to solving a problem than the problem. Admitting the wrong can be the best way to fix whatever issue that way you become. I am Adetola Morakinyo, a full-time student at Durham College enrolled in the Chemical Laboratory Technician program. I have an educational background in biochemistry and experience in counseling. My values are honesty, integrity, and discipline among others. I am obsessed with growth, involved in continuous self-improvement, and making people smile. I enjoy researching, learning new things, listening to people, reading the news (online articles), and finding solutions. I like to hang out with family, and chill with friends for fun.My goal is to represent and communicate the faculty members’ (students) thoughts in Board and Committee meetings. I hope to inspire program-to-program networking of students in the faculty. I have been able to successfully organize a seminar of about a thousand people with a team of five and assisted in anchoring events. I have also been opportune to train and mentor high school students. I intend to leverage my academic background, skills, and proven knowledge of communication to facilitate organizational growth and serve the students. Thank you, I look forward to having a new experience with you.

Director from the Faculty of Business

Voting April 3-6, 2023

Mike Gardner

"My name is Mike Gardner and I am excited to announce my candidacy for the position of ‘Director from the Faculty of Business.’ As a returning student, I believe I will bring a unique perspective to the table.
This is also my second time running for DCSA, having been voted into the Association when I first attended Durham College in 1996-1997. That year I was awarded the COCA/Campus Canada ‘Programmer of the Year’ for all Canadian colleges.
I am confident that the skills I have developed over the years will enable me to work collaboratively with my fellow directors, as well as students and faculty, in order to achieve our goals and make a positive impact on our campus.
If elected, I will prioritize the following issues:
Firstly, I would like to work on returning the Student Centre to being a more important destination for all students. It’s your building. And I’d like to help make it a place you want to visit on a more regular basis.
Secondly, I will advocate for the development of new programs and initiatives that cater to the unique needs of business students. This includes things like career fairs, guest speakers, and workshops that focus on key skills such as financial literacy, marketing, and entrepreneurship.
Finally, I will work to ensure that the Faculty of Business has a strong and visible presence on campus. This will involve collaborating with other student associations and campus organizations to host events and initiatives that promote the Faculty of Business.

Daniela Echeverry

Dear fellow students of the Business Faculty,

I am excited to announce my candidacy for the position of Director of the Business Faculty at the DCSA. As a student at Durham College, I have come to understand the importance of student representation and advocacy, and I am ready to stand up for what is right.

My values of justice, inclusivity, respect, integrity, and accountability are the pillars of my character, and I believe that they align with the expectations of this esteemed association. I strongly believe that every student deserves an equal opportunity to learn, grow, and thrive in their academic journey. Therefore, my primary goal is to promote a learning environment that is inclusive, accessible, and welcoming to all students.

As an excellent student myself, I understand the challenges and demands that students face every day. Therefore, I am committed to advocating for the interests and concerns of the students of the Business Faculty.

Furthermore, I believe that integrity and accountability are essential to the success of any organization, and the DCSA is no exception. I vow to be transparent, ethical, and responsible in all my duties as the Director of the Business Faculty.

In conclusion, I am committed to serving the students of the Business Faculty with passion, dedication, and enthusiasm. I believe that my communication skills, leadership qualities, and strong values make me the ideal candidate for this position. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you all to make our faculty the best it can be.

Thank you for your consideration.


Daniela Echeverry.

Director from the Faculty of Social and Community Services

Voting April 3-6, 2023

Kali Sharpe

Hi everyone! My name is Kali Sharpe, and I am running for the position of Director of Social and Community Services. During my time in the Social Service Worker program so far, I have advocated to our professors on behalf of students to ensure that everybody’s voice is heard equally, and that changes are put in place to give everybody what they need to succeed at DC. I have helped make the voices of students in my program heard to faculty as a member of the Program Advisory Committee. I decided to run for Director of our faculty because I want to be able to be that voice for everybody in my faculty, not just those in my program.
As an introvert and a neurodivergent person, I know how it feels to not have my voice be heard. I have seen the people around me be dismissed and ignored when they ask for support. That is why I will make a special effort to advocate for the neurodivergent community at Durham College, in order to ensure that we are all receiving the supports that we need to all be successful here and after we graduate.
I am a passionate and driven person who is a strong communicator, and as Director, I will use my communication skills to fight for you and make sure your voice is heard too. So, don’t forget to vote for me from April 4th-6th!

Geena Siva

Hello there! I am running for Director from the Faculty of Social and Community Services. I have a genuine passion to serve and support the growth and prosperity of each individual student here at Durham College. I am currently a second-year law clerk student, but I have extensive experience working in the field of social and community services. As a trauma counsellor, I provide support services such as housing, food, employment, mental health, and addictions rehabilitation. My heart goes out to those in need so I often volunteer my time supporting agencies such as Women’s Support Network (WSN) and Victim Services Toronto, partnered with Toronto Police (VST). I volunteer as a sexual assault crisis counsellor for WSN and help support individuals who have experienced sexual violence or human trafficking access social, medical, and legal support services. At VST I volunteer as a trauma counsellor, where I help support those that have experience crime-related trauma or sudden tragedies. Additionally, I have volunteered as an ECE assistant at a local daycare specialized for children with disabilities and a community advocate for PRIDE Toronto, supporting those who identify within the LGBTQ2S+ community. My intention is to be a trustworthy dedicated Director, who strives to amplify the voices of each and every student. I believe every student has the potential to achieve their goals. As Director, I would be committed to assisting you during your educational journey.