Executive Chair and Cheif Elected Office

Megan Bent (acclaimed)

Director from the Faculty of Media, Art, and Design

Josiah Chung (acclaimed)

Director from the Business

Nikhil Goyal

To the esteemed members of DCSA and the Faculty of SEIT,

I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for the position of Director from the Faculty of SEIT, and I am confident that with your support, I can lead our department to greater success. My name is Nikhil Goyal, and my goal is to elevate our department to new heights.

My campaign focuses on three pillars of excellence:

1) Elevating Learning: I am committed to bringing fresh, innovative approaches to our education. I will learn and be on my toes to help students and perform my duties.

2) Innovating Ideas: Innovation is the key to staying ahead, and I have big plans to secure funding for exciting projects, boost research, and connect us with the industry’s brightest minds.

3) Inclusive Empowerment: Together, we are stronger. I am dedicated to creating an inclusive environment where every voice is heard. I will ensure that everyone feels valued and empowered.

I urge you to vote for Nikhil Goyal for Director from the Faculty of SEIT. With my leadership, we will create a buzzing department full of energy, ideas, and unity. Let’s shape the future together!

Thank you for being so supportive.

Nikhil Goyal

Arshpreet Singh

Greetings, Esteemed Electors,

It gives me great pleasure to run for SEIT Director. My career journey has been a genuine pursuit of innovation in science, engineering, and information technology.

As your director, I want to foster an atmosphere where being brilliant is welcomed and expected. Together, let’s create a future characterized by cooperation, creativity, and intellectual distinction.

Together, let’s shape a future in which SEIT is recognized as a leading edge. Your vote is a financial commitment to a common ideal of excellence. Let’s work together to leave a brilliant legacy.

Director from the Faculty Science, Engineering, and Information Technology

Zannat Kaur Hundal

Zannat Kaur Hundal, a second-year marketing student, serves as the President of LevelUp DC, a platform dedicated to empowering students of diverse backgrounds at Durham College. As one of the inaugural first-year representatives at the Ontario Colleges Marketing Competition, Zannat showcased her leadership and competitive spirit on a provincial stage.

Zannat’s passion lies in fostering inclusivity and amplifying student voices. With a keen focus on connection and advocacy, she endeavors to ensure every student feels represented and supported. Her vision is to prioritize mental health and well-being while creating a more inclusive environment where all voices are valued and heard.

Vote for Zannat Kaur Hundal as Director of Business and join her in championing diversity, inclusion, and student empowerment at Durham College.

Maxwell Morrow

I am Max Morrow, and I am thrilled to express my candidacy for the Director of the Faculty of Business. With a strong commitment to academic excellence and community engagement, I aim to lead the faculty to new heights.

In my current role as Vice President of the Durham College Human Resources Association, I have refined my leadership skills, fostering collaboration and innovation. As well as serving as a student representative on the Human Resources Program Advisory Committee, actively contributing, ensuring its alignment with industry standards.

My proven ability to lead teams strategically makes me well-suited to drive positive change within the Faculty of Business. I am dedicated to creating an environment that promotes both academic excellence and community involvement. I envision a faculty that not only educates but actively contributes to the community, establishing enduring partnerships for mutual benefit.

Overall, my leadership experience and commitment to academic and community enrichment align with the faculty’s goals. I am eager to bring my skills and vision to this role, contributing to the continued success and growth of the Faculty of Business.