Information for the Durham College Community 

The Durham College Community Guide to the 2024 DCSA Election

Ask them to run

What are the roles being elected?

The roles which will be elected in this election are:

  • One (1) Executive Chair and Chief Elected Officer
  • One (1) Director from the Faculty of Business (Class A)
  • One (1) Director from the Faculty of Health Sciences (Class B)
  • One (1) Director from the Faculty of Media, Art and Design (Class C)
  • Two (2) Director from Faculties of Skilled Trades, and Apprenticeship; Hospitality and Horticulture Science; and Liberal Studies (Classes D, F and H)
  • One (1) Director from the Faculty of Science, Engineering, and Information Technology (Class E)
  • One (1) Director from the Faculty of Social and Community Services (Class G)

The Role of the Executive Chair is to:

  • Chair Board meetings and Members’ meetings;
  • act as the representative of the DCSA;
  • uphold, promote and further the interests of the Corporation;
  • promote public involvement in DCSA’s activities;
  • participate in and foster activities that enhance the economic, social and environmental well-being of DCSA and its Members;
  • provide leadership, information and recommendations to the Board.

The Role of the Directors from the Faculties are to:

  • oversee the governance of the Corporation by attending and participating in Board and Committee meetings; and
  • serve on various college committees as required.

What do I do if I know someone who I think should run?

Academic Activity and Campaigning

Candidates can campaign in classes if they have the permission of the course instructor, and candidates should direct the students to the elections website for information.

Candidates can post on MyCampus and other class-related electronic boards as long as the person in charge of the Board (course instructor) gives permission.

There is no prohibition on faculty or staff asking a candidate to run in the election, however under no circumstances should faculty or staff tell student who to vote for or use college resources to promote a candidate.

If candidates did not follow your instruction regarding in academic activity and campaigning, please let the Chief Returning Officer know by email

Reporting Candidate misconduct

If you believe a candidate had broken election rules, email and we will get back to you to get some more information regarding what happened and we’ll look into it.

Who can vote

Any full-time post-secondary student can vote for Executive Chair and Chief Elected Officer.

Any full-time post-secondary student within the faculty or faculties represented by the Director can vote for that director.

How do electors vote

Electors will receive an email on March 13, 2024 with a direct link to a ballot, simply click on that link, and you will be taken to the ballot.

If an elector did not receive a link, they should contact DCSA Elections who will investigate the issue.


Results will be made available on the DCSA website and social media after the polls close.