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Urban Street Crew – DC/OT

Urban Street Crew – DC/OT

Urban Street Crew, represents itself as a dance crew, that focuses mainly on street style and trending dances such as hip-hop, dancehall, and more. With the initial interest of 5 members, we are open to adding more. I realize that 2-3 existing dance groups represent Durham college and the Varsity Dance team. Still, we haven’t seen a successful merge where talented students from both schools come together to perform and represent. Word of mouth around gave me a positive interest in taking things forward and forming a dance team.
We also choose to contribute to social causes such as racism, and gender equality and represent these values through our performance. we also understand why the durability of a club at Durham College is at risk due to the short-term programs students are enrolled in which discourages the participation rates and possibly ends in discontinuity, for which we make sure that students signing up know that we will always be there in the picture by transferring roles and always making them a part of our online content even after their course is over and that the main goal is to bring students from both the schools together and have fun.

We at Urban Street Crew, crave the need to represent only the best dancers from Durham College and UOIT who share a passion for dancing, but firstly a personality that screams confidence, wilderness, and self-love. We’re looking for power moves, fluidity, expressions, clarity and attitude. Daily content, Social media platforms, participation in events, practice attendance, and uniformity are the top commitments you should be expecting to look forward to. If you think you’ve got the street attitude, sign up now!

Network Leader

Moezza Shaikh (Ezza),