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Skill Share Network

Skill Share Network

“The strongest people on Earth are the ones who have the best connections in as many occupations as possible.”
Here is your chance to expand your network with likeminded students and staff from the 140+ programs that Durham College offers. Imagine a conversation between a Data Analytics student and an Early Childhood Education student. Both come from acutely disparate knowledge domains but can work together to solve some problems related psychology.

With the Skill Share Network, you can:

1. Make long-lasting connections with students from various programs

2. Learn new skills from each other every week

3. Create new innovative ideas

4. Work together to solve major world problems

5. Feel the positivity of adding value to human society

6. Learn from learned faculty during monthly guest speaker sessions from various programs

7. Take turns and convey your ideas and thoughts in spotlight every week

8. Show off your skills in contests