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Anti-Trafficking Club

This is an awareness campaign club to address the growing concern in Toronto and GTA communities on human-trafficking among youth. This club will be supported by the ongoing program from Scarborough based non-profit organization Uzima Women Relief Group International, known as the Youth Violence and Human-Trafficking Prevention Program (YVHTPP). Should there be incentives for participants, they will be encouraged to create a sustainable awareness campaign that can run and grow every year. There are some model institutions such as the St.Thomas University in FL, USA that has an entire human trafficking academy to address the vast impact on youth and that focus on prevention strategies.

The program runs from Uzima Women Relief Group International initiated by the Ontario Government Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services aiming to network youth (primarily Black identified youth) aged 12-29 in Toronto and the GTA to network digitally and support each other. In turn, the program runs community workshops with honorarium incentives for those who sign up early for virtual workshops. 

Also, youth who qualify through a needs assessment form get to participate in focus groups that address a variety of topics including mental health and others, and receive honorarium and provision support (mainly groceries) as the program adds them to a network. 

Activities will include interviews in various formats (blog style Q&A, video recording, or podcasts, photo shoots), virtual workshops on a variety of interactive topics such as nutrition, self-defence, mindfulness, and human-trafficking. Resources will also be provided accordingly. 

On the campus, Durham College students will engage in creating media content for the program including infographics, building age appropriate curriculum/syllabus for students who want to learn deeper, networking with other post-secondary clubs, and brainstorming other activities that will combat this growing issue that affect us all.

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Network Leader

Jennifer Muyia,