List of Candidates



Director for the School of Interdisciplinary Studies

Pruthvik Jaiswal – Acclaimed


Director for the School of Justice and Emergency Services

Ryan Gentle – Acclaimed


Director for the School of Media, Art and Design

Utsav Prakashkumar Acharya

Meg Bent


Director for the School of Skilled Trades, Apprenticeship and Renewable Technology

No nominations recieved.

Candidates Statement

For the position of Director of the School of Media, Art, and Design.

Utsav Prakashkumar Acharya

No statement was provided.

Meg Bent

Hello, students of the faculty of Media, Art, & Design.My name is Megan Bent and I am running to be your next student representative director. I am interested in serving you all in this capacity because I am passionate about our wonderful school and everything it has to offer. From my first day on campus, I knew I wanted to get involved, so I worked with the DCSA start-up team, helping students get engaged with our school community and speaking about our student association at orientation events. The student association works side-by-side with the student body and the administration to ensure students have the tools they need to be successful. If elected, I promise to strengthen these efforts by bringing forth the voices and concerns of all students, advocating on your behalf to the school administration, while maintaining transparency and honesty at all times. In my previous post secondary experiences, I was heavily involved in student leadership. As such, I am a hardworking, organised individual who is prepared to put the needs of the students in our faculty as well as all Durham students first. I know it has been a tough last few months, but I promise to turn your college journey around so that you can look back on this time as a memorable experience. I firmly believe that Durham College is a place that raises the bar for students to be better, perform stronger and go further than our counterparts from other schools.Thank you so much for your time.I look forward to counting on your vote!All the best,Megan Bent