Hello, I'm Sai Rahul Prasad Nagumantri. Currently running for Student Director position in Business, IT and Management department. I would like to play a vital role in improving the department facilities with whatever is already in place and also be part of making some engagement activities in the current situation that we are in. This position will bring me some good exposure to all the fields of handling different situations and also be a voice for all my fellow students. WIth having an experience of being part of a Student association in my bachelor's and handling a team in my IT profession, this gives me another opportunity to be part of a huge student base and become your voice and also engage all of us in many fun activities, Hackathons and many more that we miss out the most.As a fellow student, I would like to interact and get engaged with people around me and get to know them which I always love to do, so this is a platform for me to engage with people and create an awesome student community. Give me an opportunity and let's see how things build up.


Salut!I, Kritika Singh, a passionate learner and young energetic girl, is currently embarked with traits of hard work, diligence, integrity, responsibility, and trustworthiness. Punctuality forms the essence of my traits. I prefer to complete my work before its due date, with strong determination and in the perfect sequence. I am a social person and like to interact with new people, grasp their culture, and gain their positivity. I completed my High School in India, majoring in Mathematics, and after two years I realized that I am more interested in Technology. So, I decided to gain knowledge to the deepest extent in my passionate field – The field of Programming. I was enrolled in Bachelor of Computing Science in Thompson Rivers University, British Columbia but then decided to move to Ontario fascinated by better job opportunities. I am currently enrolled in Computer Programming course in Durham College.Highly motivated by Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”, I decided to pave my way myself and learn from the positive traits and experiences of others. Being a social person, I believe that there is no situation that cannot be countered by an individual who is trapped within it and so I try my best to uplift the hardships and counter those situations from the life of others. I am a fun-loving, energetic individual who loves to dance, joke, and get clicked all day long. I believe being positive attracts and spreads positivity in the environment. I describe myself as someone who is driven to learn all the things you can. Additionally, I enjoy reading and writing as I enjoy living in a vivid imaginary world. I love all animals, but I am more of a dog person.Some of my achievements are as follows:• Worked as an Intercultural Ambassador in the Intercultural team of Thompson Rivers University,• Served as Senate member and Student Representative of Thompson Rivers University after the support of students,• Taught students of various villages near my city and trained them in the field of mathematics, • Volunteered the drug addiction campaign, raising awareness to prohibit the intake of drugs and alcoholic contents,• Achieved the position of dispute head in my high school for 4 years,• Actively participated in debate events and won several Model United Nations conferences. Those debates served as the most important factor in boosting my confidence and encouraged me to pursue public speaking, • Served for an NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) and delivered seminars and raised awareness against this pandemic,• I was also appointed as the Head writer for 4 years for all the plays occurring throughout the year, • Worked as a model for two textile industries, and• Worked as a skincare specialist for six months and advised people how to use skincare products based on their skin type.Thank you so much for providing me with an opportunity to present myself. I would be privileged to be a part of the team and it would be a great learning experience for me. I look forward to meeting you all.Please feel free connect me on my email: or my Instagram : @kritikasinghchahar