Part I – Candidate’s Information

The name appearing in the boxes below must be exactly as the candidate wishes their name to appear on the ballot paper. One or more of the given names of the candidate may be replaced by the nickname by a normal aberration of one or more of the candidates given name (i.e. Meg, Andy, Bill). Mononyms are not accepted on the ballot, unless that the mononym is the legal name of the nominee.
If your name by which you are registered at Durham College is different than the name which you wish to have appear on the ballot paper please give your legal name here:
This name will not appear on the ballot paper but will be used to verify your status as a student with the college.
Position sought*

Part II – Contact Information

This information is collected for the use of the election services department. It is not used by third parties.
(if different than the college)

Part III – Candidate’s Consent to Nominations

I, the above named candidate, the nominee in this nomination paper, do affirm that: - I consent to the nomination - I am a qualified elector and I am eligible to be a candidate for the position which I seek; - I am aware of the obligations imposed on me as a candidate in the by-laws and Elections Policy; and - My name as recorded in Part I, is exactly how I wish my name to be spelled on the ballots.

I, the above named candidate, further agree to the disclosure of personal information regarding my academic standing held by the Office of Strategic Enrolment Services of Durham College of Applied Arts and Technology to the Chief Returning Officer for the purpose of determining my eligibility to run for an position. I consent to disclosure of my academic information in accordance with section 42(1)(b) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (RSO 1990, C. F-31).
Candidate’s Constent*
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.